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anti-agency agency

Guayata Digital

Guayatas are birds from the Andes that fly in couples and stay loyal throughout their lives. They can sometimes fly alone but stay together throughout their lives.

At Guayata Digital (GD) we believe the client can and should fly alone, but must always feel the support and commitment from all our team.

When it comes to digital and social media strategies, we believe our clients are capable of understanding and learning our best-in-class process to later be able to do it on their own. Our mission is to enable you to achieve your business goals independently.

Our mission

Creating consumer connections without data and proven expertise in a post COVID-19 world is like asking to invest in oil over clean energy.

We love to work for Business People over Brands.

Our Values
Empty promises
We don't like to promise unattainable results. The digital medium is not magic but it works if you know how to operate it and understand your return on investment. We run campaigns based on your audience.
Incomprensible metrics
The client must have all the figures at hand and understand them, but there are very few indicators that he really needs to know the real performance of his campaigns and the impact on his business.
Irrelevant content
Many brands generate content for the wrong audiences. It acts based on the declared demographics and not on the hooked audience, therefore there is little or no impact.
Lack of transparency
We work with absolute transparency. All investment in digital (paid media and advertising) is the client's decision and directly paid by him. Our approach is based on directing and managing the investment to obtain the greatest possible impact on the business.
What do we do, in a nutshell
We create a digital and business platform with a laser focus on generating a great consumer experience...
...in order to create relevant content that sells through a deep understanding of the target audience.
All based on data and measurable business KPIs, rather than abstract ‘digital metrics’.
How do we do it
  • Digital tools at every step of the operation.
  • Through the understanding of the great diversity of real information, not perception.
  • Our hypotheses are based on reality and data.
  • Content marketing instead of traditional advertising campaigns.
  • The results are measured in real time and always visible to the client.
  • Data always justifies our decisions.

Our Core team

Driven by experienced people. We are a +30 team based across Mexico City, Argentina and London, working globally.
Renata Torrescano

Ren Torrescano


Creation and production of content, digital content, editorial content, content, marketing and digital marketing.

Experience includes: MTV, Nickelodeon, Cultura Colectiva.

12+ years of experience.

Adrián Bravo

Adrián Bravo


Technology, strategy, marketing and business.

Experience includes: Microsoft, Oracle, Google, Wunderman & Ogilvy, Socialbakers among others.

25+ years of experience.

Jesús Soto Fuentes

Jesús Soto Fuentes

Partner & Visual Creative Director

Audiovisual content creator, photography, graphic design, strategy.

Experience includes:

Lancôme, Urban Decay, H&M, Vogue, GQ, Instyle, L’Officiel, Universal Music Mexico.

10+ years of experience

Manuel Gómez

Manuel Gómez

Partner & Creative Director

Branding, graphic & editorial design, audiovisual content, strategy.

Experience: Universal Music Mexico, Collectiva Concepción, Ruido Rosa, Inna, La Lonja MX, Kurvan, The Artist Community.

10+ years of experience.

David Murillo

David Murillo

Head of Design

Graphic & editorial design, branding and audiovisual content creator.

Experience: Cultura colectiva, We Are Other People, Tizkka, Nike, El Palacio de Hierro, Palmer's, Michael Kors, Mercedes Benz, Pandora, Chico's.

+6 Experience

Daniela Padilla

Juan Cruz

Amplification Manager

Technology, strategy, amplification.

Experience includes: Google and other local and regional agencies in Latam

7+ years of experience.

Valeria Quijano

Enrique Ramirez

Head of Technology

Integrations, website and App Deevelopment.

Overseeing the infrastructure of technical operations, app and web development, backend, APi integrations and Tech Innovation

19+ Experience.

Pamina Bou

Pamina Bou

Partner & Head of International

Strategy, partnerships, sales effectiveness & marketing across EMEA, US & Asian markets cross industry vertidas.

Experience: Amex, Twinings, Gerson Lehrman Group and start ups.

15+ years experience.

Our work as individuals

Our methodology is based on digital know-how of professionals with more than 25 years in the field + a philosophy anchored on strong values. We have already made all the possible mistakes and we know what NOT TO DO.

Let’s make digital work for your business priorities!

We will be in touch with you ASAP :)

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